My Twitter Marketing Campaign So Far

It’s been three days since I created a Twitter account to promote I’ve followed over 300 Twitter users who have used the #running hashtag and gained 17 followers. I also posted an announcement inviting beta users in the Web Devs/Programmers group on I have been tweeting stuff about my own running and mixing in the occasional tweet about the website with a link to it. Google Analytics shows 35 unique visits with a 68.57% bounce rate (less than one minute spent on the site). Of those 35 visitors, 15 viewed the registration form. No one has signed-up for an account.


So, I’ll keep at it. My guess is I’ll have to follow at least 1000 Twitter accounts before I get a sign-up.

And I need to keep tweaking the page design and copy. I need to better express the site’s unique selling proposition and have a better call to action. I just haven’t hit on the right combination yet.

But I’m also thinking that what does is already being done better by other sites – except they want money to get access to the kind of data I’m providing for free.

I suspect I might have better luck if I stripped the site down (rather create a second site) that ONLY provides weight charts. I already bought the domain name I think if I provide only that one thing – a way to view a user’s body weight history with a line chart – I can widen the market. And if I develop Android and iPhone mobile apps I could try selling them instead of relying on advertising for revenue.

I’m going to concentrate on for a while (a week? Two weeks? A month?) though. I’m learning some valuable lessons and that was the whole point in the first place.

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